Birds, dye, and Angelus leather paint

Birds, dye, and Angelus leather paint

This is a cute bird in a picture, but I have no figured out how to translate that very well to leather.

Painted is Meh…

So I made another one last night:

And dyed the background with Fiebings leather dye, since the finished product is supposed to be blue.

I dyed the bird as well – oops, I thought my dye undiluted yellow. Apparently not. I guess this yellow warbler is now an orange warbler.

I was trying to use substantially less paint, and thus leave the leather look mostly intact… but since I dyed it orange, I ended up doing a lot more painting than I had hoped to do. Oh well. And obviously I need to do a study of rendering twigs in leather because this one leaves a lot to be desired.

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