Black Essex bag, continued again + small pouch

Black Essex bag, continued again + small pouch

I finished the lining (see previous post), which means it was time to start on the shell of the bag. I decided it would be wise to spend a day or two making a tiny mock-up of this bag to see how the lining would attach to the shell and to really get all the details fleshed out.


Cutting out…




Making the lining…



Trying my idea for attaching the zipper… a long strip of leather glued to the zipper, and then sewn to the lining at the bottom, after which you open the zipper and sew it to the shell.


Also finished these for the real bag, while I was at it…


As a side note, meet my new friend, the trim knife. I luff it. Made by RAW Custom Knives. Check out his knives on facebook.



Sewing the zipper to the lining….




Then, sew the top of the strip of leather to the shell, with the zipper in the middle.


Aand, it worked. Yay!



Not truly representative of how the actual bag will look, since this is the same seam size at less than half the bag size…. unfinished at one corner, and without all the cool details.


Now that I know it will work, and I know how it will work, I’m starting to put the shell together in earnest. Should go pretty quickly this week, then I’ll just need to do the handles and strap.


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