More progress

More progress

Since I find it impossible to start one project without starting five, here are the rest.


Another violin clutch for the opera.



Takes a lot of coats to make something actually yellow, it turns out. This is at about half way.


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  • Thanks! I’m using acrylic edge paint form Buckle Guy ( – it’s been a relief not to worry about dye bleeding or insufficient wax coverage. It’s Italian edge paint and I think probably Fenice.

    It takes a lot of work (6-10 coats with sanding), but it’s been worth it. After you build up a good edge you do a final heat burnish with wax and then burnish that smooth again. It feels really nice.

    I made a purse for myself a couple of months back to see how long these edges last. So far so good. The adhesion is quite good if you don’t put oils or waxes on the edges and use the edge prep stuff before the paint.

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