Playing with the sewing machine

Playing with the sewing machine

Using a machine vs. hand stitching definitely takes a different approach. Working on control and actually thinking patterns through a little further. First, I made a simple clutch from start to finish, just to see what would go wrong. Ha ha. A lot did.



After that, I started on a backpack for our short hikes. Large enough to hold lunch, some paraphernalia, and a water bottle on either side. My intention with this bag was to make something as fast as possible, and see how long my mistakes last before the whole thing unravels.



Erg, going around that corner got messy. I think I need more seam allowance. And a triple fold would look nicer. Oh well, the point is to see how little I can do, not how much I can over-build it.


I ended up needing to hand-stitch four inches on the top of each side – bad planning, I guess. The 9 layers of canvas + one layer of leather just barely fit underneath the foot, but the sudden changes in height made the stitching look too wonky with the machine.


I need to spend some quality time on youtube.

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