About & Contact Information

About & Contact Information


My husband and I live in Georgia with our three boys. He’s a luthier, and makes mandolins that you can see at  www.martinjacobson.com.

Check out the reviews from my Etsy Store and my instagram feed for projects currently in progress.


Please use the form below to contact me if you have any questions, or e-mail me at monica@martinjacobson.com. Thanks!


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  • I put a message about your website on Leatherworkers, but i just saw that I needed to scroll down. I really like your bags. Most of what I have done is tooled on that rather stiff veg leather. What is that soft looking textured leather you use? Buffalo? Really, a Corvair? My sister had one , kept a few bags of sand in the trunk so you could steer safely.

  • I absolutely love the look of your violin satchel. Have you ever considered making a ladies wallet in the same style?

    • Hi Darilyn,

      Yes, I have thought of it, but I haven’t actually gotten around to actually getting it done. Thanks for the suggestion, and thanks for the kind words! I just made another wallet, and I might experiment with a violin one before I get back into bags.

  • Love the fish scales insert – inspired and wonderfully executed. Also the clever violin (& mandolin) lid – I wonder if you could make a strap for that desin, that looks like a violin bow? But perhaps that is going too far. I also like the Art Noveau designs on a couple of your bags – they look so different to the others, I would not have guess they were made by the same person – & the impressively moulded camera bag. (Also impressed by you husbands musical instruments – anyone who makes a Les Paul is alright by me ;).)

    A couple of “anorak” questions for you: do you stitch by hand or machine? How many stitches per inch do you typically make and how do you decide that?

    • Hi Tannin,

      Thank you for the kind words! Are you on leatherworker.net? Yes, I am afflicted with a short attention span, and I like experimenting with different looks. I also suspect my variety is mostly due to looking over my husband’s shoulder while he researches ideas for his mandolins. I’m about to make a bag with gun style checkering, which will probably look a great deal different than anything else I’ve made.

      Everything is hand sewn with a saddle stitch, mostly because I’m freaked out by leather sewing machines. They’re crazy. I use 6 stitches per inch, and I use a four prong pricking iron to make the holes in advance. 6 spi works well for the size of bag I make. If I plan to make more wallets, for example, I will need to use a smaller size hole, smaller thread, and more holes per inch to get the right look.

      Thanks again!

  • I came here from reading a response from you over at the leather forum. Wow, your stitching looks great! I like the bags too, but the stitches, great work!

  • I love your your bags I would like to try making a messenger bag or camera bag,thank you for your kind words about the snake skin belt.

  • I just found your website from a picture on Pinterest. Everything you do is spectacular, but your stitching is so precise. I’m determined now to practice more to achieve the same result. I was wondering where you purchase your leather. I especially like vegetable tanned leather and Tandy is the only place I have bought it. I find that they are getting more and more expensive and the quality to be less than great – especially if you do not buy a whole hide.

  • Monica,
    I received my long dragon wallet last week. As soon as I took it out of the box complements came from my fellow employees. They all loved, as I do, the handwork, stitching, colors and of course the mighty dragons. The smell of leather, especially from the inside, reminds me of my favorite old shoe repair shops.

    I know I will treasure this piece of art for a very long time although I have a feeling it will outlast me.

    Thanks again for sharing your creativity and skills.

    Best regards,


    • Peter,

      I’m so glad you like it! There’s always the difference between pictures and reality, and you really hope the reality is better than the pictures, rather than the other way around. 🙂

      Thank you for buying it, and for the kind words!


  • Hi. I saw your ‘tooled leather low d whistle case’ on a Google search but can’t find it on your site. Could you please give me some details of whether it’s available. Costs. Time scale etc? Loving your work 🙂

    Many thanks


  • Dear Monika,

    I was linked to your site, via browsing leatherworker.net.
    In the past, I have looked at thousands of hand tooled art (Its a passion of mine), BUT….your work is OMG….the best I have seen in years. Absolutely divine.I would consider you the “Mozart” of leather craft artisans on this planet. Myself, I have a tiny bit of leather tooling experience, so can appreciate how much love, patience and passions has gone into each one of your immaculate stitches.

    Absolutely wonderful work,

    Sincerely Olli

    PS: Looking at “All” your photos, I must admit had butterflies in my stomach. I would propose if your leather craftsmanship where a human. 🙂

    • LOL, Olaf, thank you, you are way too nice. Maybe I should make that my tagline, when I’ve ironed out my design and execution imperfections. I hope to see you and your work on leatherworker.net, It’s been fun meeting people on the forum and seeing the cool things you guys come up with.

  • Dear Monica,
    Wow, I love your bags. I am a violinist. I have contacted you on your Etsy web-site….I am very interested in purchasing the Vegan violin bag that is on your web site in addition to the dark green leather bag that is the first bag featured on your web-site…
    How much would the two of these bags cost?
    Thank you for lettin me know….I’m so excited to get one…

  • Your work is exceptional. What kind of machine do you use?
    The stitching on the Horween Dublin bag is perfecto!

    • Thank you, Ralph. I don’t use a machine at present – everything on my website is hand-stitched. I did just now buy a singer 111w153, but I’m still learning the basics of how to use it. I won’t be ready to make anything for sale with it for a while.

  • Hello, Monica.I am pleased to follow your blog. You wonderful work and you have a beautiful master style. Where do you get multi-colored leather lining or paint it yourself? Let me to use your design violin. I want to make a bag for my wife. Sorry for my bad english))))
    With best regards from Siberia.

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