Singer 111w153

Singer 111w153

So, I good friend hooked me up with a machine, and between his and Marty’s work, it’s almost ready to go, just waiting on the correct thread. And experience. I’m really excited to make duffle bags with it. What with the grey and tan canvas small duffle I made in January, I assured myself I didn’t have time to hand stitch those.

Stripping it down..


Almost all set to go!

2 thoughts on “Singer 111w153”

  • I think that is great that you painted it a different color than black. I have a 112w115 and this is an inspiration for me to paint it with some live color.
    What did you brush on it to remove the paint?

    • Hey, yes, send me a picture of what color you decide! We used Klean-strip Aircraft paint Stripper – it took two or three coats.

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